J U L I E   J I R A

Julie Jira is an explorer and experimenter at heart with a multidisciplinary approach to interpreting the world through various mediums.
Having traversed 52 countries across all seven continents, Julie has developed a keen eye for capturing moments of chaos and order within extreme natural and urban environments using photography and film.
As an Architect, Julie has worked on award-winning buildings located in places as diverse as Iqaluit, Nunavut to New York City. She holds a Master's degree in Architecture from Columbia University and has worked for reputable firms such as SHoP Architects, Teeple Architects, and KPMB, where she currently holds a senior position. 
During her first maternity leave, Julie created a body of work under a pseudonym that explored self-expression through sculpture using augmented reality, blockchain technology, and 3D printing. During her second maternity leave, she began collaborating with artificial intelligence to extend her self-expression capabilities. Julie is interested in abstractly expressing themes of nurture, deconstruction, decay, and rebirth in her work.
Julie is continuously seeking playful ways to expand her knowledge and experience. She hopes to inspire her children to explore the world around them with curiosity and open-mindedness.